Monday, May 9, 2016

May 2016 - Compañeras: Zapatist Women's Stories

Hi everyone!

Excited to read a book about indigenous women in Mexico through "Compañeras: Zapatista Women's Stories" by Hilary Klein.

Here's a Book Summary:

Guerrilla insurgents. Political leaders. Promoters of health and education. Members of economic cooperatives. These are just some of the prominent, everyday roles held by women in the Zapatista autonomous region in Chiapas, where women’s participation has proved indispensable to the creation and maintenance of an alternative, democratic society.

Compañeras is the untold story of the women of the Zapatista movement, gathered by longtime community organizer Hilary Klein. The Zapatista women’s own recollections of their lives, struggles, and critical involvement bring to light the tremendous transformation of gender roles that has occurred in this culture of revolution, and are instructive for everyone committed to examining how existing grassroots alternatives to global capitalism can guide the way toward justice, equality, and democracy.

See you in Sugarlump on Sunday May 22!

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