Monday, July 4, 2016

July 2016 - The White Mary

Excited to read a book that has a setting in Papua New Guinea. Pick up "The White Mary" by Kira Salak, and we'll discuss this story in July!
Here's a Book Summary:
Marika Vecera, an accomplished war reporter, has dedicated her life to helping the world’s oppressed and forgotten. When not on one of her dangerous assignments, she lives in Boston, exploring a new relationship with Seb, a psychologist who offers her glimpses of a better world.
Returning from a harrowing assignment in the Congo where she was kidnapped by rebel soldiers, Marika learns that a man she has always admired from afar, Pulitzer-winning war correspondent Robert Lewis, has committed suicide. Stunned, she abandons her magazine work to write Lewis’s biography, settling down with Seb as their intimacy grows. But when Marika finds a curious letter from a missionary claiming to have seen Lewis in the remote jungle of Papua New Guinea, she has to wonder, What if Lewis isn’t dead?
We will be meeting in near the Downtown Berkeley BART at Au Coquelet Cafe on Sunday July 24 at 4pm (yes, 4pm) :)