Thursday, February 24, 2011

The power of having an outlet through a radio program!

Xinran's story-telling of her experience as the sole radio host for a women program during the Cultural Revolution in China is fascinating and heartbreaking. 

Xinran splits the book into telling different stories of women who either called in or wrote to her radio program. Each story told was unique and quite heart-wrenching, and brought the reader into that woman's specific story. It's fascinating that Xinran was able to have such a radio program in those times. Xinran channeled the stories of these extreme hardships by the different women living through this period, ranging from surviving an earthquake, following the red guards commands even if it means being separated by the person you love for over 40 years to domestic violence. No cheerful stories here.

Still an incredible read to get a glimpse of what women went through in this specific period.