Sunday, October 21, 2012

Next 5 Books for WOW Book Club (Dec 2012 - April 2013)

For our wonderful readers who would love to have time to read books in advance, we have selected the next five books for WOW Book Club:
Dec 2012 - Travels in West Africa by Mary Henrietta Kingsley
Originally published in 1895, and never out of print, "Travels in West Africa is Kingsley' s account of her dauntless travels, unaccompanied but for African guides, into Africa' s most dangerous jungles, where the tribes were reputed to be ferocious and cannibalistic.
Jan 2013 - The reeducation of Cherry Truong by Aimee Phan (Vietnam)
A young woman journeys back to Vietnam to uncover family secrets. Cherry Truong’s older brother has been exiled to live with distant relatives in Vietnam. As Cherry journeys from Los Angeles to her family’s homeland to bring him back, she embarks on a quest to uncover the mysteries and lies in her family’s past—hidden loves, desperate choices, and lives torn apart by the march of war and currents of history.
Feb 2013 - Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga (Zimbabwe)
Set in colonial Rhodesia during the 1960s, this book centers on the coming of age of a teenage girl, Tambu, and her relationship with her British-educated cousin Nyasha. Tambu, who yearns to be free of the constraints of her rural village, especially the circumscribed lives of the women, thinks her dreams have come true when her wealthy uncle offers to sponsor her education. But she soon learns that the education she receives at his mission school comes with a price.

Mar 2014 - Equal of the Sun - Anita Amirrezvanni (Iran)
In Equal of the Sun, Anita Amirrezvani’s gorgeously crafted tale of power, loyalty, and love in the royal court of Iran, she brings one such woman to life, Princess Pari Khan Khanoom Safavi. Iran in 1576 is a place of wealth and dazzling beauty. But when the Shah dies without having named an heir, the court is thrown into tumult. Princess Pari, the Shah’s daughter and protégé, knows more about the inner workings of the state than almost anyone, but the princess’s maneuvers to instill order after her father’s sudden death incite resentment and dissent.
Apr 2014 - An American Radical: A Political Prisoner in my own country - Susan Rosenberg
More than just a powerful memoir, "An American Radical" is also a powerful indictment of the U.S. prison system, in which Rosenberg recounts her journey from the impassioned idealism of the 1960s to life as a political prisoner in her own country.

Happy Reading!

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