Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is it her story or the story of her indigenous community?

The beginning of the story was choppy and dry, focused more on describing details of her indigenous culture. Interesting but not an easy flow to read. However, once she gets into the story-telling of her family and eventually her participation in the struggle, it became much more interesting to read. 

We did find that there were quite a number of contradictions and it was hard to really know whether the story was really her own, as she would describe more about other people than herself. But I still felt the importance of her stories, even though it's not sure whose story they really belong to. The significance of sharing their struggles as a discriminated and marginalized population is high. Figuring out the importance of indigenous identity coupled with Christian faith also emphasized the contradictions in her narrative.

We also questioned the transcriber herself, playing up her role more than it should have been.

In any case, we all agreed that it was worth a read and a great book to discuss about.

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