Sunday, June 15, 2008

A woman's journey to her self!

This was such a great book to talk about. Even though most of us had read it halfway there were lots of themes to discuss. We spent a good time talking about the parallel lives between Nazdeen in London and her sister in Bangladesh.

I think we all got stuck in those letters from the sister, but it was great to have that perspective in the story. It was interesting to have the sister's journey shared with us and the different challenges she came across throughout her life. It felt like she was finding her self through more external actions than Nazdeen was, even though Nazdeen was in more open-minded society.

It was interesting to see the gradual empowerment of Nazdeen and the relationship she had with her husband Chanu, and her friends and Karim.

We talked about how Nazdeen coped with many issues internally and it all emanated from the beginning of her life when it was determined by fate that she would survive.

We're looking forward to the movie! Keep posted for this event!

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