Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Marriage in India can equal Murder?

Our next book for May 2008 is "The Dowry Bride" by Shobhan Bantwal.

Book Summary:

One sultry night, a young bride overhears an extraordinary conversation. The voices speak of a plot to murder a wife who has failed to produce a child and whose family has failed to produce the promised dowry... Megha is sick with horror when she realizes she is the intended victim. Her husband--the very man who tied the sacred necklace of marriage around her neck--and his mother are plotting to kill her!

In the moment of panic, she runs for her life. Frantically racing through Palgaum's deserted streets, her way lit only by the lights strung up for the Diwali festival, her single goal is to escape death by fire. But fleeing from her would-be killers seems impossible--unless she can find someone to help her...

Join us for a book conversation on Saturday May 17 at 2pm in the Inner Sunset district at Tart to Tart (on Irving Street).

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