Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let's discover the history behind our city!

Reading Vowell's book took us on a different path, where we were discovering different factoids about three different US presidents. One of them we all know, President Lincoln and two others that some of us were discovering for the first time: Garfield and McKinley.

The author took us along on her journey as she travels around the US visiting historical places that were relevant to these three presidential assassinations. I think the one thing that we all were inspired to do after reading this book is to take one right here in San Francisco!

Some book club members were not able to get into the book and chickened out on coming to the discussion. Even if you don't like the book or haven't read it, we love for you to join us, as having different opinions makes the discussion more interesting.

Stay tune for a historical tour of our city coming near you!

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